• JNL Solar polycrystalline photovoltaic modules

    Long-term safety and top performance

    Long-term safety and top performance guaranteed. 25 year performance guarantee and 25 year product guarantee
  • JNL Solar solar modules representation

    High conversion efficiency

    High conversion efficiency through high quality modules and advanced cell technology
  • JNL Solar monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar modules

    High reliability

    High reliability through rigorous quality control. More than 30 internal tests(UV, HF, and many others). Our tests go beyond certification requirements.


JNL Solar devote itself to solar power plant developing, operating and maintenance. We also have an R&D department for the manufacturing and sales of solar modules, solar cells.
JNL Solar equipped professional advanced automatic production line and processessed advanced technique and craftwork. JNL Solar has fruits of manufacturing experience and ability of solar productions. JNL Solar has been involved in investment domestic and international power plant, such as USA, Deutschland, France, Spain, Japan, India, South Africa, South Korea, Canada,… and all the power plants are success to on-grid and generating well. The Baoding 30MW roof-top power plant is the bigger scale roof-top plant in China at that time. Base on the excellent management system and quality control system to develop competitive business mode, provide powerful supports on solar project development, operation, maintainance. Realize the customer-oriented production ability, optimize the power plant operating and shorten investment return period, maximum reduce the investment risk and maximize the return on your investment. Relying on equipment manufacturing industry and rich experience of manufacturing, combine the manufacturing and new energy, provide high quality and stable energy generating equipments for the whole world.

JNL Solar Headquarter JNL Solar Manufacture JNL Solar Production

What We Do

JNL Solar main business is to research and develop manufacture and sales of:

Crystalline silicon

Silicon wafers

Solar cells

Solar module

JNL Solar also invest, develops and operates PV power plants. Our activity in development and construction of power plants with high efficiency manufacturing which provides the most comprehensive solutions for customers.

JNL Solar Power Plant



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